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Welcome to the Memorial Honor Detail Website.



     In 1995, Due to the closure of some of our Military Bases and the downsizing of others, the rendering of Military Honors for deceased veterans being interred at the Riverside National Cemetery in California had become almost nonexistent for more than a year. Then...a small group of concerned Veterans decided that it was time to do something about this lack of final Honors for their fallen Comrades thus the Memorial Honor Detail (MHD) was founded. An Executive Committee was formed and Team Recruitment began immediately.Primarily, existing Veteran organizations,Honor Details and Color Guards volunteered.

     Now as of Jan. 2020 the MHD has provided Military Honors for over 55,200 deceased Veterans at the Riverside National Cemetery who otherwise would have been buried without  Full Military Honors. This represents over 573,252 Volunteer hours by the  18 active Teams, 6 Dispatchers ,5 Armorers and other volunteers with MHD.   Dispatcher Cell Number (909) 206-7510


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